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Nightlife Ninja mobile app

Boredom police in your pocket

Have you ever gotten dressed up, called your sweetheart, driven downtown and paid $20 for valet only to find out that the "hottest club" was more spin than substance? Nightlife Ninja was conceived to make you and expert in "where it's at" — helping you create a night you won't forget.

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What if you never had another
bad night out?

TRAFFIK partnered with inventor and entrepreneur Adrian Van Anz in order to answer that question once and for all. What if there was a simple way to know exactly the location you wanted for the kind of night you were craving?

How we built it

With a rigorous UX discovery process and leveraging cutting-edge programming techniques, TRAFFIK created a fun, trustworthy app which invited users to rate and share tips on locations all around Los Angeles—with a single tap of the finger improving the nights of people all over town.

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