Bringing AI-Based
Security to Life

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Following the $1.4B purchase of the industry-leading cybersecurity firm Cylance, BlackBerry needed to merge and refine their marketing strategy.

BlackBerry Cylance partnered with TRAFFIK to integrate their content, develop a unified messaging campaign and increase customer acquisition.

  • Digital Services
  • Dynamic Workflow
  • Market Research
  • Messaging Development
  • Search Optimization
  • Strategy
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A Predictive Advantage

Informed by detailed research into key audience segments, TRAFFIK articulated a messaging strategy that resonates with clearly defined personas—one that empowers them to think differently about their approach to security hygiene.

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Personal Touch For AI-Based Solutions

Aligning focused search terms with responsive content, TRAFFIK is developing dynamic campaigns that speak directly to the security needs, goals, priorities and professional realities of each audience member.

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By connecting with key decision makers and demonstrating the incredible effectiveness and ROI of AI-based cybersecurity, TRAFFIK has positioned BlackBerry Cylance as the preeminent solution to organizational endpoint security.

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