Preventing crime through a
cutting-edge security solution

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Netwatch North America is the global leader in video monitoring services and is dedicated to making businesses safer while ensuring continuity of operations.

They pioneered the use of proactive video monitoring (PVM), providing intelligent remote video monitoring to proactively detect and prevent crimes before they happen. Netwatch came to TRAFFIK to create a campaign that educates and brings awareness about this cutting edge PVM technology and its advantage in the marketplace.

  • Strategy & Research
  • Campaign Concepting
  • Creative Direction
  • Digital
  • Print
  • Social Media
  • Display
  • Trade Show Booth Posters

Partnership Overview


Security vendors for several business verticals—including cannabis, construction, car lots, and more.


Create a 360 campaign to showcase PVM as the top security solution in the marketplace.


Using the insight that no other competitor in the marketplace had a live, personalized audio response, TRAFFIK developed an engaging campaign that demonstrated PVM’s clear advantage and that it stops crime 98% of the time.


TRAFFIK helped Netwatch North America increase brand recognition as well as deliver a clear message to educate their audience about PVM’s advantage in the marketplace.

Netwatch Sexy Beard Billboard

Stopping crime before it happens

TRAFFIK created a fun and impactful 360 campaign that uses Netwatch’s intervention specialists’ direct audio messages to let the intruder know that not only have they been caught in the act, but also their description has been recorded on video and the police are on their way.

Nice Mask
Netwatch Billboard
Netwatch Sexy Beard Poster
Netwatch Nice Mask Poster

“The idea stemmed from Netwatch’s clear advantage in the marketplace. They are the only security solution with live personalized audio responses.”

Marce Sellas
Marce Sellas
Creative Director
Marce Sellas