A fully integrated solution for increasing enrollments

Real-time monitoring of 360° campaign drives real growth

TRAFFIK has partnered closely with the University of Redlands in generating trend-defying enrollment outcomes driven by targeted creative and powered by a custom-built ecosystem of lead capturing, reporting and nurturing tools that allow for real-time response to campaign results and opportunities.

Nurturing leads across channels

Building on years of breakthrough successes in direct mail, social, email and PPC, TRAFFIK works with the University of Redlands as architects of fully integrated campaign strategies — reaching prospective students who are actively searching for education answers and also in unguarded moments when an offer can break through in an unexpected way.

Partnership yields unprecedented successes by every metric

With strategic creative being deployed, measured and responded to in real time, TRAFFIK has driven exponential results for the University of Redlands by every measurement imaginable — with each campaign building on the successes and audience insights of the last.

Revamped PPC and Social strategy reaches new audiences

TRAFFIK's digital strategy team have helped the University of Redlands break through numerous plateaus in digital marketing and creative integration across channels has driven greater brand recognition and consumer interest.

An architecture of success for the future

TRAFFIK's custom-built and managed campaign deploying and monitoring system has continued to evolve with greater and greater audience insight and efficiencies, turning present successes into the engine which will continue to drive future successes.

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