Speaking a global language to create global success

Selling secure solutions from Tarzana to Trinidad

HID Global, the world's #1 creator and provider of secure identity solutions, is truly a global company with a worldwide reach. TRAFFIK helps them market their deep catalog of targeted solutions internationally with carefully-tuned strategy and insights into their markets—and universally appealing creative.

Redefining a brand's past,
present and future

TRAFFIK has worked with HID Global across multiple campaigns to define their brand story and positioning, allowing this global company to have a unified identity and vision for the future across all markets and audiences.

Speaking a global language to create global success

TRAFFIK's clear, memorable, and universally appealing creative has driven growth in more over 100 countries around the world and created efficiencies and brand alignment internationally.

360° campaign generates leads and brand growth across mediums

TRAFFIK has partnered with HID to develop campaign messaging and vehicles which drive growth across each targeted demographic and multiple sales channels.

Breaking records and kicking up dust

TRAFFIK has helped HID create aggressive, industry-disrupting solutions and strategies geared to dominate in the 21st century's global markets – and this partnership is just getting started.

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