Community activation drives national expansion

Boots on the ground to empower advocates in real time

TRAFFIK captured the heart of a company and helped Anthem's CareMore brand expand nationally by launching a grassroots, guerrilla campaign centered around removing barriers between seniors and the lives they want to live.

grassroots campaign

We brought the CareMore message to seniors where they live, congregate and socialize in groundbreaking ways through conversations within their community.

360° media strategy creates authority

Simultaneous to working with community advocates and building a grassroots reputation, a traditional media push across all channels increased awareness and positioned Anthem's CareMore brand to be a national leader.

Narrative solution drives consumer adoption

Charged with selling consumers on the benefit of care centers which were still under construction in some markets, TRAFFIK created a story-driven video presentation featuring existing care centers and staff and testimonials from existing members, allowing consumers to see the benefits with their own eyes and make the choice for CareMore.

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