The Power of No

Thoughts from TRAFFIK Executive Director, Brent Shoji

By Brent Shoji, Executive Director

At TRAFFIK, we meet with potential new clients regularly to discuss their needs and the agency’s capabilities. Often these are dynamic conversations that already hint at the powerful partnership we could form. But other times, we encounter a very powerful word: “No.”


Do you need help with elevating your brand?



Need help driving more leads?



Do you need help increasing member retention?



Need help improving the user experience on your website? Better engagement with your social communities? Combing through data to find ways to build your business? Need help building a competitive strategy for the future?

“No. We’ve got it/can’t afford that/that’s not a priority at this time/that’s not how our company works/I can’t make that decision.”


The word “no” is very powerful.

Because a “no” today can lead to many “no’s” in the future.


Will you be perceived as a leader in your industry?



Will you have a robust funnel of leads to ensure the growth of your business?



Now that customers had a bad experience on your website or social account, will they be back?



If you’re talking with agencies or other partners who are asking questions about how they can partner for your success, and you find yourself saying “no,” take a moment to think about what future “yeses” you may be missing out on.