The Importance of a Message Map

When companies provide inconsistent answers to customer questions, or messages don’t align with the overall brand, customers tend to form unrealistic expectations, which leads to dissatisfaction.

How can you eliminate inconsistency and tell a cohesive business story? The key to creating a unified story and ensuring everyone in your company is on the same page is with a message map.

What is a message map?

A message map frames the story of a company, weaving a common thread through individual products or services offered, to create consistency. Without consistency, brands become diluted, producing merely a cluster of words, images and products that have no relation to one another. A message map can help to unify your brand, products, and people with a single story, eliminating confusion over who you are as a company and what you offer.

How is a message map used?

One of the oldest concepts in marketing is The Rule of Seven, which simply states that a consumer must see or hear a message seven or more times before they will be motivated to purchase a product. The real point of the rule, however, is not the number but consistency in the message that is conveyed. Repetition not only ensures that the message resonates with consumers but also establishes a sense of trust between the consumer and the brand.

With a message map, your company has the advantage of having key messages concisely represented in a visual format. The map can be easily understood and quickly put to use as a guide for advertising, website copy and conversations, both internally and externally.

How is a message map constructed?

The key to constructing a message map is working with a trusted partner to drill down to find that one single message that embodies and summarizes the purpose of the company, its products and the needs of its consumers. Once you’re able to get to the core of your business and develop an overarching message, a message map can then be created.

By working with a partner, you’ll be able to strip away the frills and jargon and focus on the main message for your company and individual product lines. You’ll also see a theme develop that not only unifies the company but will ensure its future relevance.

TRAFFIK has the knowledge and expertise to partner with you and align your company’s messaging by forming a compelling story that resonates within your company and with your consumers.

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