Music And Productivity

Music has the ability to make people feel good, bring back memories, inspire spontaneous dancing and maybe even—given the right playlist or mix—motivate someone to run that mile a few seconds faster. The impact of music on our minds and bodies is undeniably powerful, but is it good for productivity at work? The answer is yes, depending on which type of music is chosen.

Choose songs you enjoy

In a 2005 study conducted at the University of Windsor, it was found that listening to music can put people in a better mood and, in turn, make them work more effectively. To take advantage of music and its ability to elevate one’s mood, choose songs that are enjoyable to listen to and avoid songs that can become irritating—these could have the opposite impact on productivity.

Choose instrumental songs

In many offices, there are conversations happening all around. Those conversations may be to blame for lost productivity. According to research by Cambridge Sound Management, it’s not necessarily noise that’s to blame when it comes to lost productivity, it’s how intelligible words are.

Speech can be extremely distracting, shifting people’s focus away from work as they try to decipher what is being said. To mask any office conversations that are occurring, music without lyrics can help shift focus back to work and, most importantly, increase productivity.

Choose songs with specific tempos

The rhythm or tempo of songs can be very important. When thinking about the music that accompanies average people through their workday, a distinct pattern emerges in the tempo of their daily soundtrack: During the morning commute, high-energy music may be played to get pumped up for work. On the way home, slower music is used to unwind and relax for the evening.

When working within a tight deadline, or when work requires people to be more upbeat, listening to up-tempo music can help them not only get their work done but also be more efficient. Upbeat music has also been shown to reduce stress and increase relaxation, which can also have the effect of providing greater focus.

Depending on the type of music and task at hand, music can be an extraordinary tool for increasing productivity in the workplace—the TRAFFIK team can certainly vouch for this in our own experience.

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