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With mobile phone usage continuing to rise in popularity, there are several tools digital advertisers can use to take advantage of this trend. Users carry their mobile phones in part as a way to find information pertinent to them and their lives. Digital advertisers are the catalysts for delivering this needed information to users in a targeted way. The connection comes through mobile location data, which enables advertisers to deliver information to consumers when and where they need it the most.

What is mobile location data?

Location data is the capacity for any communication network to transfer information by pinpointing exactly where the user is at a given moment. For example, if a user types in the words “digital advertising,” Google can infer where he or she is, and will redirect search findings to digital advertisers in the area.

How can digital advertisers use mobile location data?

Branding Campaigns

Digital marketers can use mobile location data to promote events, sales and new services in relation to their services or company. For example, an advertisement could include the background of a well-known landmark in the user’s area, such as the Grand Canyon for digital advertising services in Arizona. This will give the user a sense of familiarity and connection to the item being advertised.

Social Sharing & Interaction

Digital marketers can also drive social sharing and interaction among users in a targeted area. For example, marketers can target ads to users in specific locations, and they can discover which users are more likely to engage in social sharing and brand interaction with other users in that area.

Utilizing Mobile Apps

Marketers with mobile apps can also use mobile location data to encourage users to download their app by focusing on brand engagement through location-based advertisements. Once the app is downloaded, marketers can further target and engage their audience via in-app promotions in targeted locations.

The overall goal in utilizing mobile location data is for digital marketers to drive awareness of a brand by becoming personal with a targeted audience. Understanding where the user is, and using knowledge of the given area to achieve this goal, is the ultimate challenge for the digital advertiser. As a result, the advertiser will reach a broader targeted audience and have a greater capacity to strategize campaigns.

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