Artificial Intelligence

The words “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) conjure numerous images, from holograms and robots controlling the world to Tom Cruise predicting future crimes. While many consider AI a space-age concept that’s not yet accessible, the fact is it’s already permeating our world. AI is no longer a concept, but reality. It’s also shaping marketing and advertising in ways that often go unnoticed.

AI, Amazon and Netflix

Every time you use an internet search engine or search for a product on Amazon, you’re using Artificial Intelligence. Amazon is on the cutting edge of AI, using a chain of algorithms to determine what a customer is likely to purchase next and following up with automated emails that offer purchase suggestions.

Netflix is another example of commercial AI use. The way Netflix recommends movies goes beyond a simple set of guidelines determined by marketers or even by what viewers have historically watched. Instead, Netflix uses AI to analyze what customers watch multiple times, rewind or fast-forward through, then assesses how these behaviors correlate. Such information enables marketers to provide enhanced user experiences and create tailored interactions between the brand and customer.

AI Reshaping Marketing & Advertising

While Amazon and Netflix are using AI to change business models, marketing and advertising agencies are also employing AI to reshape marketing into smarter, more personalized interactions with consumers, thereby building stronger customer-brand relationships.

One AI tool that’s reshaping the world of marketing and advertising is Social Network Analysis (SNA), which measures and records personal interactions on social networks, such as Facebook. Through SNA, marketers and advertisers are able to create market segmentations and personas with greater accuracy. This allows marketers to produce more targeted and effective ads that generate loyalty among customers and create a brand following.

Through AI, Social Network Analysis provides the ability to filter consumer lists not simply based on previous purchases and demographics, but on the likelihood that an individual will make a purchase based on purchases made by 10 of their closest friends. This provides marketers and advertisers with powerful information, enabling them to “predict the weather” and identify future consumer behavior.

AI, Chatbots and Customer Service

Along with SNA, Chatbots offer another AI capability for marketers, providing a powerful tool for building a personalized brand experience. Chatbots are messaging systems that respond to consumer inquiries, help users find products and assist with troubleshooting issues.

With the ability through AI to read messages and examine past purchasing behavior and browsing history, Chatbots can anticipate needs and present consumers with products that are individually selected, driving the level of targeting precision for marketers and advertisers to a whole new level.

A New Era

AI is taking marketing and advertising into an era in which agencies and brands have the ability to understand their customers better, build stronger connections, and create individualized experiences to delight and excite.

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