Advertising & Branding

Our successful history of introducing, strengthening and salvaging brands is driven by our unique ability to tell the right story, in the right way, to the right people.

We've worked closely with our clients to turn around audience perception for some of the biggest brands in the world – changing the future of individual companies and the industry at large.

Brand Development + Identity + TV + Radio + Outdoor + Online + PPC + Experiential

Social Media, SEO and SEM

Maintaining visibility online is critical to your brand’s
existence and relevancy. Consumer searches
are constantly changing and your keyword,
content and posting strategies should change
with them. We will keep you top of mind through
targeted, yet engaging social strategies and on
top of searches through optimization of content
and relevant, high-quality keyword bidding.

Site/Content Optimization + PPC + Writing + Reputation Management + Social Management

Mobile & Web

The first impression you make on a consumer likely happens on a device that resides in their palm, pocket, backpack or purse.

At TRAFFIK, we develop customized solutions that enable you to do more than just exist online. We create user-centric experiences that allow you to engage with your consumers in a strategic and authentic way.

Web Development + Mobile Applications + Content Optimization

Direct Response

Impressions, branding and exposure seldom
mean anything unless tied to an action.
At TRAFFIK, our entire focus is on
provoking consumers to take action. Utilizing
data to provide channel and frequency insights,
we leverage engaging content and audience-
appropriate media to connect consumers and
brands in meaningful ways. This allows us to
tell the right message in the right format
to stimulate thought and provoke action.

Direct Mail + List Management + Fulfillment + Production + Creative + DRTV + Data/Analytics

Media Buying

Our Media Purchasing Department (MPD) not only identifies the most effective, relevant and visible vehicles to place your creative, but possesses the industry experience and trend analysis to maximize the best possible reach and frequency for your advertising and marketing dollar.

Market Research, Analytics
& Data Strategy

Data drives everything we do – but people aren't
cells in a spreadsheet or curves in a trend line. They
are unique individuals with their own stories and
motivations, who want the best for themselves
and their families.

We have repeatedly proven success doing
deep-dive research to help understand the
real people behind your numbers – what they
want and need, and how and when to
reach them best.

Activation + ROI + Forecasting + Campaign Analytics + KPI Reporting + Demographic Analysis + Engagement + Focus Group + Survey + Consumer Insights

Sales & Lead Generation

TRAFFIK is driving significant YOY growth for clients around the country through sales and lead gen strategies that align with each brand’s USP. By understanding the competitive landscape in each market, we are able to focus with extreme accuracy on the tactics that will drive brand awareness and capture market share.

Sales Planning + Call Center Scripting + Sales Training + Lead Gen Strategy + Direct Response + Engagement + Survey + Focus Group + Consumer Insights

Print & Fulfillment

TRAFFIK has an extensive network of
partners across the U.S. and an enormous
amount of purchasing power, which enables us
to be quicker to market, more efficient
and in greater control of production,
schedules and budgets.

Public Relations

Your brand, services and achievements are noteworthy—so why aren’t they in the news?

If you're not putting yourself in front of the spotlight, it won’t find you on its own. TRAFFIK has the depth of experience and network of media partners to build the buzz that your company deserves.

Investor Relations + Press Conferences + Media Event Coverage + Crisis Management + Press Releases + Reputation Management

Multicultural Advertising
& Translation

Being a certified MBE and an agency comprising people from over 20 countries, we have always been at the forefront of developing advertising that speaks in a native tongue. Penetrating a diverse society takes more than an ability to translate messages. It takes developing content that is sensitive to the distinct, often subtle, differences between people – even within the same culture.

Translation + Cultural Specific Marketing

Regulated Industries

Unknowingly breaking regulations can be serious – and costly. Aligning with a partner that's experienced in dealing with the governing bodies is essential.

With decades of combined experience across regulated industries, TRAFFIK is one of the few agencies with an internal department dedicated to regulatory compliance.

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